So you are about to be a puppy parent, maybe for the first time or maybe you are adding to your crew. Either way we are so excited for you and just want to make sure you are getting set up to be the very best puppy parent you can be.

How can I do that you may ask.... a key component in becoming a responsible dog owner is ensuring you are providing them with a plan to train your own canine companion to be calm, well-mannered and best behaved doggie you could ever want.

Online training is one thing but an entire lifetime membership is a whole new adventure for you and your pup. So please get started today, before you pick up your new fur baby and make your plan to set you both up for success.

Visit and use coupon code HEAVEN for 25% OFF.

That means for $178 (originally $238.00) you can feel confident that you are giving your pup and your family the relationship you desire for a lifetime of fun, excitement and Happiness!

A trained dog is less stressful not only in the beginning but for life. Proper socialization and manners will give you the dog you are envisioning. 

Start their training the day they come home and do it from the comfort of your own house.

TRAIN YOUR PUPPY FROM HOME with our easy-to-use and fun-to-follow online puppy school! Set a goal to train your puppy from the convenience of home and at a price that can't be beat - and don't worry, the entire team of BAXTER & Bella puppy profressionals are here to help you every step of the way.

Lifetime MEMBERS ONLY Access includes unlimited use of everything we offer:

our signature step-by-step PUPPY PREP program

LIVE! Office Hours (one-on-one phone calls and video-enabled coaching directly with us)

and Canine Coaching Classes,

an individualized ASK THE TRAINER center for your anytime Q&A,

our PUPPY PARENT FORUM so you can easily connect with pet parents just like you,

PAWSfit Games,


and other Activities to keep you and your puppy in tip-top shape,

a VIDEO ARCHIVES department for additional digital demonstrations

and our RESOURCE LIBRARY filled with all of our favorite supplemental information!

In short, when it comes to successfully teaching your dog how to act and effectively coaching you as a new puppy parent, we are the experts, everything is included and we can't wait to help you get started!

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To provide puppy parents with the proven training methods, materials and other resources necessary to become properly educated, appropriately prepared and sufficiently experienced in positive pet parenting, subsequently impacting the pet population for good and both achieving better animal ownership and experiencing the very best in canine companionship!