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We LOVE our Zooey (Zara/Chipper 2019) and Molly (Harley/Flame 2019).

We are their guardians, Zooey is due with her first litter soon and we are so excited. They are so cute and playful. Molly will play with herself if she has too, meanwhile Zooey just wants all of the attention. They are both well trained and love cuddles. 

When we came to pick them up, you explained everything we needed to know and having all the information ready for us in the folder was very helpful later on. Thank you guys so much!! 

The Durham Family

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Hazel Grace is a F1 goldendoodle (Charity and Scouts litter 2014). She was our first “big” dog and we love her so much! She has been the best dog. She has the most sweet and gentle personality. She was super easy to train and has been so much fun! She loves to cuddle and at times I think she thinks she is only about 10 pounds when she insists on sitting in your lap. She loves balls and swimming and sleeping in a human bed. Everyone that meets her falls in love with her and because of this we have sent others to Mary to look for their doodle. Mary was super helpful when we got Hazel and I love that through Facebook I have connected to some of Hazel’s littermates which is so fun to see and hear about their personalities too. You will not regret getting a doodle from Mary and Heaven on Earth Golden doodles!

Remi is a Mini Multigene Goldendoodle from Lily/Freddy 2019. She is loving, smart and very playful. Remi loves to play fetch, go on afternoon walks and really enjoys playing tag with her two big brothers (the cats). She is everything we wanted in a dog and more! Our experience with Heaven on Earth Goldendoodles was the absolute best and I am so thankful that we found them. They gave us weekly updated puppy pictures and the entire experience was wonderful! We are forever grateful for this perfect addition to our family.

Finley (parents are Hazel Grace and Duke) was born March 22, 2019 and was a gift to my husband when he retired. Neither of us had experience with owning a dog and we could not be happier. Finley is the light of our lives. His personality is amazing. He loves people and hiking and is amenable to just about everything. Including wearing a birthday hat for a walk around our local park where he was serenaded by everyone.  Mary was a joy to work with. She walked us through the process, updated photos weekly and really set us up for success. We felt supported every step of the way. 

Jasmine is a Mini Mulitgen Goldendoodle from Harper Mae/Tigger 2019. She is so playful and extremely smart as she has learned so much in the few months we have had her. I love that you can be gone 5 minutes in the other room or leave the house for 2 hours and she is so excited to see you.  She is our first Goldendoodle and in our retirement years, has been the best choice we have ever made. My cousin recommended Heaven on Earth Goldendoodles after she got her sweet girl Molly a few months before.  I was blown away with the incredible job they do, transparency on the process, updated pictures weekly and socialization prior to picking. up. We are so thankful for our sweet girl as she is the perfect addition to our family. Thank you Mary and everyone at Heaven on Earth Goldendoodles for this incredible gift.

 Our precious boy, Scout, is a multigen doodle from Hazel Grace/Duke March 2019 litter. He is absolutely adorable and so sweet.  He is super playful and loves to cuddle. His favorite activities include playing fetch with his toys and catching the frisbee outside.  He was so easy to train and was the perfect match for our family. We love him so much.

The Barry Family

The Gordon Family

The Russo Family 

The Hatchett Family

The Kelley Family

Bailey Grace is a Multigen Goldendoodle and came from Hazel Grace and Duke's litter in 2017. She has been very good here in Suwanee and been loving her family and doggie friends! Heaven on Earth has givven us a great experience and we are so happy that we shose them to find the right puppy!

The Nix Family

Hi Mary, thank you again for all that you did for Remy, he is doing great in Charleston and we love him!!

Remy (aka Rainbow Boy) from Zara and Moses’ litter on 2/2/20 is an absolute joy to have in our home! We fell in love with him on pick up day and he has quickly become one of the family. We couldn’t have asked for a more handsome, well behaved puppy. Mary was wonderful to work with and very responsive. We can tell she cares for all of her puppies and we knew he was in good hands the first 8 weeks. She was so helpful with providing all of the information needed, in addition to toys and snacks, when we took him home. We will definitely give Mary a call when we are ready for another puppy!

Thank you again Mary, Remy has brought so much joy to our lives!

Todd and Bethany Adamson

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  The Tallman Family

Hi Mary,

To say Bogart is wonderful would be an understatement. He is so sweet and smart. I send this photo of his on the dishwasher thinking it must be in the genes 😂 because he has never had people food. been great to have puppy therapy during our social distancing. I hope you are doing fine.  I will be glad when things return to some kind of normal. 

Thank you for raising such wonderful puppies, I am sure all of them are wonderful, even though I know I got “pick of the litter”😊 ❤️

The Hodges Family

My boyfriend and I contacted Mary in August of last year after talking together about getting a puppy and finally deciding on a Goldendoodle. I had never really heard too much about the breed but after checking the Heaven on Earth website and finding the prettiest puppy with a hot pink ribbon around her neck, I knew it was meant to be. In September of 2020, we were finally able to bring home our sweet girl Shelby from Hazel Mae and Champ’s litter in August of 2019. Shelby who is now around 9 months old has been the absolute best companion and friend to me through a year that has seemed so chaotic and uncertain. Shelby is loyal and follows me around my house like a shadow and I couldn’t ask for a better friend. Shelby has grown so much since we got her and is now around 55 pounds! She loves people and attention and I am pretty sure that she believes that she is my real baby.

After getting Shelby and being so preoccupied with work, I began to feel like it may be a good idea to find a playmate for Shelby so that she wouldn’t be alone all day while I was at work. I contacted Mary around October of 2020 and placed a deposit on a puppy from the Harper Mae and Tigger litter due in November of 2019. I loved getting to watch the puppies from that litter grow by looking at photos posted on the Heaven on Earth site. In January of 2020, we brought home our second Heaven on Earth Goldendoodle named Lilly and it has been so fun to watch Shelby and Lilly grow and get to know each other. Lilly is now around 5 months old and weighs about 20 pounds. Lilly loves to cuddle and is always excited to meet new friends when we take her out on walks. Lilly has a spunky personality and is great at posing for pictures and will tilt her head as if she is posing for the camera at times. It is so funny to watch. Both of our Heaven on Earth puppies are so different when it comes to personality but I can honestly say that I wouldn’t change a thing about either one of our puppy girls. Shelby and Lilly have brought so much happiness into our home and I am so thankful to Mary and her family for taking such good care of our girls and for allowing us the opportunity to bring home two of her sweet puppies. Heaven on Earth Goldendoodles is a great place to find a friendly and furry companion that you won’t regret bringing home.

The Mabry/McKinley Family

Sully joined our family in January 2018. He is the son of Shadow and Buckley and was born on November 16, 2017. We love him so very much and we can’t imagine our lives without him! Sully brings us so much joy 🐾🐾

I don’t know what we would do without him♥️♥️ Someday we may have to get another puppy- after Chuck retires and can be home with him🥰

The Wilson Family

You were very kind patient and understanding with my family I just wanted to say you are thought of. People are very lucky you have helped them find beautiful puppies they love. There are so many scammers in this cruel world your honesty and care was definitely appreciated.

Our interaction although brief was pleasant we talk about you and your babies all the time

The Holden Family

We had a new baby in January and Moose adores her (with close supervision of course). He does great with our 2 and 4 year old boys too.

The Repic family

Tyrion is absolutely the best dog! After researching several different breeders, my family was impressed with Heaven on Earth Goldendoodles. Mary’s communication with me was exceptional. She answered my questions and posted new pictures each week. When it was time for choosing, she gave my family an opportunity to play with the dogs as well as telling me about their personality. This made the decision-making a little easier. I cannot speak highly enough about our newest family addition. He loves everyone he meets and is amazingly intelligent. The vet and dog trainer have praised his temperament. Tyrion is healthy, well-behaved, and lovable dog! Thank you, Mary, for giving my family a life-long friend.

The Donaldson family

I am writing to tell you what a precious, smart, loving companion Toby is for me. You thought he had a lot of curiosity. He sure does. He looks around listening to all sounds, sits looking out windows at the world outside, and will cock his head at me as if to say..”what was that?”

He loves being here with fields to run in, a barn and his new buddies- my horses and donkey. (all fenced and safe!)

It was a pleasure meeting you and I can’t thank you enough for making this possible. As I told you, I named him Toby because he was meant TO BE for me!

Mary, for all your special efforts with God’s special ones…furry and human!!

The McKeever family

We just wanted to share our happiness with you as we are celebrating Haley's 1 year birthday today. She has come a long way from the "green collar girl" of Zara's & Chipper Jones' litter born last June 1.

Haley has grown into a delightful dog and we can't overstate what a wonderful addition she has been to our family. She is happy, playful, a great companion, and, to use your term, goofy at times. All of which we love.

The Inglis family

Brought home Oscar (grey ribbon boy) today from Molly/Charlie (Oct. 2020) litter. He’s such a sweet and playful boy! I couldn’t have asked for a better early Christmas gift! 🥰

The Childress family

We have moved from Atlanta to Vail Colorado! Doggies are adjusting well!!
Amos 7 yes old Dec 24
Keller 4 (5 in April)
Scarlet just turned 2 on the 14th!
Thought you might like to see them!! We are so grateful for you! I hope your staying well!!

The Smith family

 We are so thankful to you for our precious Kobe! He was blue ribbon boy from Maggie Sue and Charlie in July 2020. He turns 6 months old in just a few days and is the light of our lives. He is hilarious and very smart! He mastered potty training in just a few weeks after coming home and did AMAZING with crate training (although, he has moved to sleeping in our bed at night recently and loves to snuggle) He’s such a sweet heart! He hasn’t met anyone he doesn’t love and smothers everyone he meets in kisses and cuddles! His very best friend is his kitty sister Chloe! He loves to go EVERYWHERE with us! We just buckle him into his car seat and he’s the best little travel buddy. He recently went on his first beach trip and had a blast! We couldn’t be more thankful for you and our experience with Heaven on Earth Goldendoodles! Our boy is healthy, smart, and absolutely adorable! He was the perfect addition to our family! Thank you again!

The Baldwin Family   here.