Harper Lee delivered a litter of 9 Medium/Small Standard Multigen Goldendoodles Puppies November 14th, 2018   Champ is the sire.

Pink Ribbon Girl   "PHOEBE" 

Chosen by Casey Family  Cumming GA 

White Ribbon Boy  "FINN" 

Chosen by Cady Family  Canton GA 

Brown Ribbon Boy

Chosen by Clemente Family  Roswell GA 

Rainbow Ribbon Girl   "STELLA"

Chosen by Black Family Decatur GA 

Red Ribbon Boy  "BENJAMIN" 

Chosen by Stevens Family   Haw River NC 

Grey Ribbon Girl   "PIPER" 

Chosen by McAfee Family Woodstock GA 

Orange Ribbon Boy   "ZEKE" 

Chosen by Gallant Family Cumming GA 

Dark Green Ribbon Boy   Mr. Sir 

Chosen by Chitwood Family  Clermont GA 

Light Green Ribbon Girl    "SCARLETT"

Chosen by Childer Family Woodstock GA