Lucy delivered a litter of 7 F1 Goldendoodles  Nov. 17th 2019. 

They are expected to be 55+  lbs full grown. 

 They will be ready to go to their new homes Jan. 12th 2020. 

Murphy is the sire. 

6 Week Pictures 12/30/2019

Reservation List                                 

1.  Guardian Home/Service Dog  FEMALE 

2. Kimberly Brenowitz MALE

3. Heather/Jeff Sweetwood FEMALE

4. April Landry/Carlos Garcia FEMALE  

5. Farnaz/Shahab Shirvani   FEMALE

6. Madalina Iloaia  FEMALE 

7. Lauren Williams/Donnie Merren FEMALE 

 WHITE RIBBON GIRL Chosen by Kimberly Brenowitz "MARIETTA"

 PURPLE RIBBON GIRL Chosen by Iloaia Family Atlanta 

 YELLOW RIBBON GIRL Chosen by  Parvini/Shirani Family Burbank CA 

  RAINBOW RIBBON GIRL Chosen by Landry/Garcia Family Atlanta "SOPHIE" 

 GREEN RIBBON GIRL Chosen by Sweetwood Family  Woodstock "PENNIE" 

 PINK RIBBON GIRLChosen by Williams/Merren Family  Atlanta"LAYLA"

 GREEN RIBBON BOY  Chosen by Kimberly Brenowitz "MARIETTA"